Rack Card Program

The Chamber feels that it is important to give visitors to the area options of places to eat, tours to go on, shops to visit, etc. while they are here. The Chamber Rack Card program was born to benefit our local businesses.  All of the placed cards are local (Southern Utah). The Chamber has racks in 25 locations currently. It has been shown that racks are an effective tool for local advertising. The effectiveness of rack displays was even mentioned by Roger Brooks in one of his local presentations. This program has proved that theory; our racks are heavily used and the locations in which they are placed are very happy to have them and utilize them as they communicate with their patrons.
The cost is $350 annually and the racks are maintained year round. We need about 1000 cards for the first placement, and prefer to have about twice that provided so we have a ready stock for replacement.  You will be contacted when our supply gets low, asking for more.
We feel like this is a great opportunity to get your information into the hands of potential customers visiting this area. 81% of travel decisions are made using printed brochures WHILE they are traveling. Roger Brooks, expert on tourism, stressed this is an investment, not an expense.
It is time to renew for the next year.  Do not miss this opportunity to get your information into the hands of your future customers.  Contact Melanie Alderman at 435.899.1855 or
racks2017@hotmail.com for more information or to sign up for the Chamber Rack Program.  Rack space is limited.